Cost Management Services

As the cost consultant of any project, our job is to assist the Client to achieve the best commercial outcome of a construction project.


The aim of our services is to facilitate effective utilization of client’s money by controlling and reviewing his cost at all stages of the project. We keep the client regularly informed of both his actual and predicted expenditure so that he can properly plan the financial management of his project. We offer an integrated service package to a client. Through this package we can provide confidence to the client that his project is being financially managed in a professional manner and that his interests are being protected.

The services which make up our integrated package include:

  • Budget estimates at various stages before commencement of construction
  • Advice on potential savings which could be made to the project design
  • Preparation of contract documents for appointing contractors
  • Circulation and administration of periodic progress payments to contractors
  • Managing the financial effect of changes during the project construction
  • Review periodic expenditure against a budget to ascertain adverse trends
  • Advise on additional cost and time claims received from contractors
  • Performing of third party audits



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